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Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

As fun as it is learning the sex of the little person inside your belly, it is even MORE fun sharing the news with your family and friends! Plus, who does not love a party?! From sweet treats to wild antics, for most parents-to-be, a gender reveal party is an exciting way to gather loved ones together and celebrate the discovery of the sex of their little nugget.

With a quick search online, you will quickly become bombarded with thousands of gender reveal ideas and gender reveal party themes. From “mustaches or lipstick” to “boots or bows”, or the traditional favorite “He or She… what will it be?”, the amount of gender reveal ideas is endless. Whether you are having an official gender reveal party or announcing on social media, we have gone ahead and done the work for you compiling a list of unique gender reveal ideas that will leave you celebrating until your bundle of joy arrives!

Gender Reveal Ideas that Surprise Mom and Dad too!

If you want to be just as surprised as your guests, make sure to tell your doctor or ultrasound technician to write down your baby’s sex on a piece of paper and place it in a sealed envelope instead of announcing it to you at the appointment. What you do with that envelope is then up to you –

·   Gender Reveal Cake, Cupcakes, or Cake Pops – play up the ‘bun in the oven’ pun and give your baker the envelope. They can create you a magnificent gender reveal cake or cupcakes with pink or blue frosting in the center, or a fun set of cake pops with the cake inside being pink or blue. As you gather everyone around to enjoy a slice, or to take a bite, the news will be oh, so sweet.

·   Gender Reveal Box – give a trusted family member or friend the envelope and have them create for you a box filled with pink or blue balloons. When you open the box, the color of the balloons will reveal the sex of your little one.

·   Gender Reveal Balloon Pop – purchase a large opaque balloon from a party store and give the employee the envelope. Have them fill the balloon with either pink or blue confetti. When the big moment comes, you and your partner can pop the balloon. Do not forget to have someone take a picture of your reaction!

·   Baby Outfit Reveal – select a blue outfit and a pink outfit of the same price at a baby store. Hand the envelope to the cashier and ask they secretly wrap the correct color outfit. Bring it home and wait to open it in front of all your family and friends during your gender reveal party.

Gender Reveal Ideas that Involve Siblings

If you already have a child or children, there are so many cute gender reveal ideas you can choose that involve them too!

·   Let your older child(ren) announce the baby’s sex by having them stroll into the party in a shirt that reads, “I’m getting a baby brother!” or “I’m getting a baby sister!” They can even make the shirt themselves with fabric markers on a white tee creating an individual, unique keepsake just for them.

·   Get the family together and have everyone pose to announce the exciting news. Add in a cute, little detail to hint at the gender of your soon-to-arrive little one, like a pink or blue flare, color balloons, or pink or blue shoes. Then see how long it takes everyone to realize what you have just announced!

·   For a fun twist on a maternity photoshoot, wear a white tee and have your child(ren) dip their hands in pink or blue paint. Shoot one pic showing their little hands on your belly, and the next revealing the color of their handprints.

·   Line up the older children by age and give each one a balloon with a number corresponding to birth order — a number 1 for the firstborn — and then select a color for their gender. Have an extra balloon, perhaps tied to a chair with a baby jumpsuit on it or to a pair of baby shoes, with the number of the baby you are expecting and the proper color of their balloon. Snap a photo and send it to your family and friends!

Gender Reveal Ideas for the Perfect Photo!

Taking a creative gender reveal photo is a unique and trending way to announce the sex without throwing a big party. With so many props and options available, sharing this news with your family and friends who live far away is easy!

·   Gender reveal smoke bombs are a proven winner time and again. Within seconds, they give you picture-ready reveals and beautiful backdrops

·   Gender reveal cannons are always fun. Easy to use, and timed perfectly, your photo will look like you are in a parade and give off the most festive vibe

·   “Waddle it be?” … a bathtub of water, your favorite rubber ducky, and a white bath bomb that when dissolved turns the water pink or blue

·   If sports are your thing, take a swing at revealing the baby’s sex – literally – with a gender reveal golf ball, baseball, or football. One good hit and pink or blue powder will explode into the air creating a picture worthy cloud

Gender Reveal Ideas for the Whole Party

Of all the gender reveal ideas, the most exciting are the ones where the whole party can join in on the fun!

·   Send your family and friends on a scavenger hunt to discover the sex of your baby. You can end the hunt with the last clue being opening the oven to pull out a gender reveal cake… or you can have the participants place a pink bow or blue bowtie on a board as they get the clues right. Once they are out of bows and bowties, the gender will be revealed

·   Decorate fortune cookies with pink and blue frosting. Fill the cookie with a slip of paper that say, “It’s a Girl” or “It’s a Boy”. Have guests open them at the same time for the big reveal

·   Give each guest a mystery packet of colored drink mixes in pink or blue and have them each pour it into their water bottle at the same time

·   The messier the better, right? Have your party guests spray pink or blue silly string to learn the sex of your little bundle. And for a really fun photo, have everyone cover each other in the silly string!

SO Many Unique Gender Reveal Ideas!

Pinata’s, super soakers filled with colored water, bubblegum… the list of unique gender reveal ideas goes on and on. No matter how you decide to build the suspense and celebrate this momentous time in your pregnancy, sharing it with family and friends will be a memory you aren’t likely to forget.

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