Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party Games

To have party games, or to not have party games, that is the question. The answer, however, is super simple – if you are planning a gender reveal party, then you MUST plan some gender reveal party games! These fun activities will keep your guests entertained and get them talking, laughing, and guessing the whole party! From simple to extravagant, below are some of our favorite games to play at gender reveal parties.

Printable Gender Reveal Activities

  • Baby ABC’s – Make your party guests put on their thinking caps. This gender reveal party game is all about coming up with baby-related words that start with every letter of the alphabet.
  • The Price Is Right – Quiz your guests on how much common baby products cost. Whoever guesses the most correct, wins!
  • Baby Word Scramble – Entertain your party guests with a word scramble inspired by your little one. There are so many different scrambles to print online, or you can create your own for a custom take on the idea.
  • Name Race – Hand all your guests a sheet of paper and set the timer for 9 minutes (since 9 months is the magic number!) Whoever can list the most names before the timer is up is the winner. This game is especially great if you are still at a loss for a baby name because you can collect the sheets and voila, hundreds of ideas.

Gender Reveal Keepsake Activities

  • Bouquet of Balloons – Create a card and get multicolored ink pads. Have each guest stamp a thumbprint balloon to commemorate the event. This is not only a colorful way to show off the guests who celebrated with you, but it will also be a memento you can keep forever.
  • He or She – Both cute game and a memory of your special day with all your guest’s names… Frame a picture filled with pink and blue hearts (or your favorite shape). Have your guests write their names on the color they predict the baby’s sex is going to be. Whoever guessed right wins a prize!
  • Advice for the Mommy-to-Be – Instead of playing a game, give your guests the opportunity to share all their best tips for motherhood and parenting. Not only will you have a beautiful book to cherish, but you will be glad for all this advice when your little one arrives.
  • Say Cheese! – A photo booth is always a good idea for any party. Your guests can use photo booth props to make their predictions and then take a photo for proof! This is a fun activity that will create some amazing memories.

Gender Reveal Activities for Everyone

  • Old Wives Tale – There are many old wives tales about how your pregnancy symptoms can predict the sex of your child. This game is all about seeing if they are right! As the Mom-To-Be, you fill out a prediction sheet and post it where your guests can see. Ask everyone if they agree or disagree!
  • Music Fans Delight – Create a sheet of lyrics of songs that have the word ‘pink’ or ‘blue’ in the artist or song name. Have your guests try to come up with the original artist and name of the song. For an added bonus, create a playlist with all the song to play during the party!
  • What Do You Think? – Instead of asking your guests to wear pink or blue to the gender reveal party, make it into a game. Display your sonogram photo and have blue bowtie and pink ribbon pins next to it. Have the guests put on the corresponding pin to show their guess and have them wear it until the big reveal.
  • Team Pink / Team Blue – Separate your friends into Team Pink or Team Blue based on the gender they are guessing, and let the games begin! Play beer pong with dyed ping pong balls or dyed water in clear plastic cups. Play your tailgate-style, backyard-friendly games and see which team wins in the end!

Games for the Big Gender Reveal

There are so many ways to announce the sex of your little bundle. Why not get everyone involved and play a little game!

  • Pop the Balloon – Like your favorite carnival game, black balloons have been placed on a board with the title “he or she, pop to see!” Guests will then try their luck to throw a dart and pop the balloons revealing the color inside. The best part of this reveal game is the reveal is completely customizable to you! Fill the balloons with paint, powder, or confetti. Any ‘filling’ you choose will give you a wildly fun result!
  • Gambling Man (or Woman) – Scratch off card games are very unique and tons of fun. Each guest will get a card and must scratch the circle to reveal the sex. There are so many cute designs online you can purchase, and most cards are customizable. You can get cards with one scratch circle or two. With two circles, your guest will have to actually guess! How many do you think will end up blank?
  • Confetti galore – Have all your guests choose the color confetti cannon they predict the sex will be, either pink or blue. Then, have everyone set off their cannons. A final guess can be made as the parents-to-be reveal the correct sex with their own cannon! This idea can also be done with smoke bombs or gender reveal baseballs or golf balls.
  • Baby Reveal Decorating Station – Fun, creative, and delicious, set up a station full of cookies in the shape of onesies. You can opt for plain white icing with pink and blue sprinkles, or you can make pink and blue icing for your guests to decorate with. Guests should choose either pink or blue as their color of choice, and anyone who decorates (guesses) correctly, wins a prize!

Any of the ideas listed above could be used to surprise your guests with the baby’s gender or even to surprise you too! (Make sure if you want to be surprised, you give the envelope containing your baby’s sex to a trusted person that will not only keep the secret, but help you plan your party!) Gender reveal guessing games are tons of fun and with a little planning and preparation, you will be on your way to having the gender reveal party your family and friends will be talking about for years to come.

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