Who are we?

Enola Gaye, or EG Grenade Co. is the world leader in global smoke colours, manufacturing the finest smoke effects for commercial use. Commonly known as smoke grenades or smoke bombs, our range of products deliver incredible and beautiful effects.

TV, Film & Music

EG Smoke Grenades are the number one choice in the music, TV and film industries. From Liam Gallagher to Top Gear or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, digital effects are no match for the mesmerising results that only our smoke grenades can achieve.

Paintball & Airsoft

The Enola Gaye brand was created in 1996, making us the longest serving company manufacturing pyrotechnics for the paintball and airsoft industries. Today we retain the crown as the most popular smoke grenade company in these industries, and we now have a range of branded clothing, bags, and carry systems to kit out players worldwide.


Our smoke has taken the photography industry by storm in recent years, with thousands of professional photographers picking up the trend worldwide. Whether it’s a wedding, gender reveal, engagement shoot, or just straightforward portrait photography, our huge range of colours effortlessly create unique breath-taking effects.

Safety First

We care about your experience, and most importantly, the people around our products. We work overtime to keep the misuse of our products to a minimum. Follow the instructions given on our websites and product labelling to ensure everyone remains safe and enjoys the colour.


We take our responsibilities to look after the environment seriously, and all our smoke is non-toxic. We use the best materials available, and we are constantly researching and developing new products to create the perfect effect. All the plastic components in our products are made from bioplastic.

Social Media

You can check out images of our smoke effects on any social media platform. We love seeing your images and videos, and the creative ways you use our smoke grenades. Tag us and show your work, we would love to share it with the world. Use the hashtag #EnolaGaye on any platform and we will see you first.